Time to time update and upgrade

time to time update

In today’s time, we should be updating ourselves from time to time because the technology update continues to change so we should organize our business in keeping it in mind. Do you know about a company whose name is codec in this company About 100,000 thousand employees worked in 1998, and the company sold the world’s twenty-seven preset photo papers. In less than a decade, digital photography has left a big company out of the market. The codec company became bankrupt and all its employees came on the road.

Most Popular Companies

  • HMT (clock)
  • Bajaj (scooter)
  • Murphy (radio)
  • Nokia (Mobile)
  • Ambassador (car)

Friends, there was no dearth of quality in all these companies, but they were still out of the market.

What is the reason behind this?

They did not change at the time of time. if we will not upgrade our technology update over time, then we will be left behind in this world and we may have to face a lot of problems. mostly companies technology update keep up in the market, then it will have to run according to time.
From today to Five to ten years ago, there was no such place where PCO was not available when all the pockets were in mobile, PCO users started making a phone recharge and recharge now also started getting online.
Do you have an idea that the world will change completely in the coming ten years and all industries will be closed from today’s Seventy to ninety percent?

Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution !!

Here we Discuss some technology Update

  • Uber is just a software and the company does not have its own car, yet the world’s largest taxi company.
  • Airbnb is the world’s largest hotel company, while the company does not have one of its own hotels. There are many examples like Paytm, Ola cabs, Oyo rooms.
  • There is no work for young lawyers in the US because IBM Watson delivers the best legal advice throughout the year and in the coming ten years, ninety percent of lawyers will become unemployed in the United States. And those ten reputations will be super-specialists.
  • Watson is a software that compares cancer diagnosis four times more reliable than humans. By 2030 the computer will be smarter than a man.
  • In the coming days, ninety percent of cars will disappear from the streets across the world, and those who will survive or they will be electric cars or hybrids, the streets will be empty, the consumption of petrol will fall by nine percent and the Arab countries will become bankrupt.
  • You will call a car from Uber-like software and in a few moments, a driver’s car will be at your doorstep. If you share it with others, then the trip will be cheaper than your motorcycle. Due to the driver of the car, the ninety percent accident will decrease and the car insurance policy will be called fail.
  • Driving like a carpet will not survive in the world when the number of ninety percent of cars in the city decreases, the traffic and parking problems will also end. Because a car will be equivalent to twenty cars of today.
  • Now all of the things happen with PAYTM. People started booking railway tickets from the phone with a PAYTM. Money transfers are changing Currency notes replaced by plastic notes and now the transaction has become digitally charged.

Should know about Google updates

  • Panda Updates
  • Penguin Update
  • Pigeon Updates
  • Pirate Update
  • Hummingbird
  • Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Update or Mobilegeddon
  • Possum Update
  • Payday Update
  • Google Top-Heavy Update


The world is fast-changing, keep your eyes, ears, nose, and brain open, otherwise, you will be left behind in the world.
Be ready to change over time
Therefore, the person should keep changing his business and nature according to the timing.
“Time to time update and upgrade”
Come on well with time and get success, good day!

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